Thinking Outside the Box

My marketing strategies will help place your company's brand identity in the spotlight. Offering a unique blend of marketing and graphic design talent, MyMoneyMatTM turns creative ideas into successful campaigns that will yield results. I know precisely how to reach your target audience. If I feel I can't show you a return on your investment with MyMoneyMatTM, I won't waste your time or your money taking your order.  Please visit my TESTIMONIALS page.

MyMoneyMatTM is recognized as one of the Lehigh Valley's top advertising resources to reach consumers effectively. MyMoneyMatTM will breathe new life into your company's marketing strategy and put your business on the right path to achieve the long-term goals you desire by providing a full color ad for your business in high resolution.  Many of my clients use more than a few locations, and five (5) of my clients use them all.  

Priced by Quantity, Not Time

When it comes to placemat advertising, I believe I should be able to show every business owner, or their representative, exactly how many consumers will view their ad presentation for each ONE DOLLAR invested. 

40,000 MyMoneyMatTM Placemats for GAP Diner on Feb 9, 2018.

That ad is placed in front of consumers while they wait for their food and eat their meal at any one of more than two (2) dozen popular restaurants and eateries throughout the Lehigh Valley and Slate Belt.

"The Business Profiles Show" As Seen on Service Electric