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More About "MyMoneyMat"TM 

"MyMoneyMat"TM on PRESS, March 9th, 2016.

"MyMoneyMat"TM is printed in high resolution (300+ dpi).   The (CMYK) FULL-COLOR format allows for a brilliant presentation with digital imagery not normally used in restaurant placemat advertising anywhere at any price!  

"MyMoneyMat" is NOT printed from a roll but on an OFF-SET press, one sheet at a time as Gary shows in this photo.

Gary @ Christmas City Printing in 2014

Christmas City Printing in Bethlehem is the exclusive printer of "MyMoneyMat"TM.  It's printed on heavier paper than most other placemats in full color at high resolution!  

This produces a very nice two page spread of local business presentations for a dining customer to enjoy while they wait for their meal at any of the "MyMoneyMat" locations.  


East Penn Diner #171204

"MyMoneyMat"TM is priced well below it's retail value compared to any other kind of publication, and, I can guarantee that virtually every one of the exposures of your ad you pay for will be viewed by someone. I don't sell advertising on "MyMoneyMat"TM by time, it is by specified quantity.  You'll know exactly how many people will view your ad for each dollar invested.

After meeting with you, you will have marketing in place where 181 people will see your presentation while they visit one of the "MyMoneyMat"TM locations for each ONE (1) dollar invested.

Most times that 181 goes up per dollar with higher discounts for volume.

Borderline Restaurant, Lehigh Valley Shopping Center

"MyMoneyMat"TM restaurant placemats are not wasted.  

Restaurants are under contract and compensated to not only use "MyMoneyMat"TM, but also to safeguard the quantity!  

If a restaurant pre-sets tables and a host/hostess seats one customer at a table set for two (as an example here), one of the place settings (silverware/napkin & "MyMoneyMat") is removed as the dining patron is seated to be used at another table.  

Virtually every exposure is viewed.  There are 2,000 pieces per case.

I deliver "MyMoneyMat"TM myself.  I visit each of my restaurants

on a routine basis and monitor supply and usage personally.


All deliveries are conducted by myself and a helper after being printed and loaded at Christmas City Printing in Bethlehem.

I am a one man owner-operated placemat provider to more than two dozen restaurants throughout the Lehigh Valley and Slate Belt.